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The plastic injection mold design is based on the principle that plastic materials are shaped by usually using the plastic injection method. Plastics constantly change and develop in terms of structure with the advanced technologies. Thus, the plastic injection molding method has become increasingly important. The mold, one of the most important components in this production process, is an element which is very difficult to manufacture. All the skills of expertise must be used in order to be extremely precise and sensitive during the production of the mold.

The materials used in plastic injection molding process, the machine and the molding elements in which the process is carried out are evaluated as a whole and integrity is maintained at every stage of the process. The process begins with 3D drawings in the digital environment and progresses until the final mold design is formed.

As DEBAK ASž, we perform molding process for completely error-free parts that integrate with the system and responds exactly to the demands of our customers in mold design drawings made in the digital environment. Issues such as the compatibility of the material for the requested usage area and the material selection are carefully evaluated and presented.

In the process of plastic mold design , our expert team creates an uninterrupted flow of material supplier, customer, digital support software and production chain. This flow is error-free starting from the initial plan of the production process to the formation of the mold.

Converting the data coming from 3D drawings into error-free results in application machines has the most important share in mold design with plastic injection. Technologically high-end injection molding machines with the latest equipment are used in our company. Our expert machine operators perform the most important production step in the process up to the final production line by involving in the mold design process.

In the production of plastic injection molds for your products, DEBAK AŞ offers you the most profitable production costs while keeping experience and quality always in the forefront. All necessary analyzes are performed for the best service life in mold manufacturing. We are constantly in contact with our customers for the minimum revision and the fastest, accurate results. We work with the goal of achieving top quality in the mold design.

In general, some of the parts that we have performed molding;
  • Automotive industry production parts
  • Engine assembly parts
  • Whiteware parts
  • Electricity and hardware parts
  • Kitchenware parts
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