Thermoset & Thermoplastic Processing
Tool Design & Construction
Post Operative Processes

Thermoset & Thermoplastic Processing

Machine park consists of BATTENFELD, KRAUSS MAFFEI & ARBURG injection & compression machines with clamping forces from 800kN to 3000 kN some of which are equipped with robotic systems for increasing production efficiency.

Thermoset injection machine park allows to process below material groups:
PF (Phenolic Molding Compound)
BMC (Bulk Molding Compund)
UP (Unsaturated Polyester)
MF (Melamine Molding Compound)

Thermoplastic injection machine park allows to process high performance engineering plastics such as PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) & PA 4.6 besides the other commodity plastic material types. (PEEK, PP, PA, PE, POM, PC, TPE, PS, PPS, ABS…)

Tool Design & Construction

Tools are designed & constructed by a technical team qualified in UNIGRAPHICS CAD - CAM programs and expertized in operating CNC tool shop machinary.

Besides construction of new toolings; the in-house tool shop serves for rapid tooling repairs & periodical maintenances .

Post Operative Processes

In order to obtain a clean and smooth surface quality, deflashing operation is applied for molded parts. Different types of deflashing machines exist and the proper method is defined based on the form of the part.

Wheel Blast Deflashers
Continous Flow Deflasher
Wire Belt Deflashing Machine
Vibro deflasher

Heat Treatment ( Post Curing)
Some thermoset parts are post cured following a defined cycle in order to improve parts' dimensional stability and heat resistance.

Flat / Concave Lapping is applied for the parts with surface roughness requirement.

Decorative Works
Debak is capable of applying decorative works such as;
Pad Printing
Chrome Coating on molded parts which adds value.
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