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About Us

Debak A.S. - founded in 1992 at Denizli-TR- is a company specialized in injection molding of thermosetting & thermoplastics engineering parts. In year 2015, the company moved to its new factory located on a land of 12.000 m2 at Denizli Industrial Zone.

Debak, whose initial business was production of thermoset pan & pot handles for kitchenware industry; today became a reliable partner for leading companies of automotive, whiteware, electricity and machinary industries owing to its technological infrastructure, continuous improvement approach and customer oriented view.

Production plant is equipped with European made ( BATTENFELD, KRAUSS MAFFEI, ARBURG ) injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 800 to 3000 kN.

Toolings of produced parts are designed and constructed by a team qualified in UNIGRAPHICS CAD - CAM programs and expertized in operating CNC tool shop machinary. The in-house tool shop also allows a high flexibility in tooling repairs & periodical maintenances.

Debak supports its production processes with value adding post operations such as heat treatment, deflashing, lapping, assembly and decorative works in order to fulfill customer expectations.


Our main goal is to convert customer requirements to customer satisfaction with the services we provide.

Part Design Suggestions
Raw Material Suggestions
Prototype/ Serial Tool Design & Construction
Prototype / I.S. Parts Submission

Thermoset Injection
Thermoset Injection- Compression
Thermoset Compression
Thermoplastic Injection
Insert Molding / Overmoulding

Post Curing (heat treatment)
Assembly ( Metallic inserts, components etc. )
Decorative Works ( Tampon print, painting, coating etc... )

Quality System

In order to keep product quality under control, Debak applies various tests and inspections in different steps of production processes.

Dimensional Inspections
+ ZEISS CMM ( 3D Meausurement)
+ Mitutuyo 3D CNC Vision Meausuring Machine
+ PLC aided air gauge automations
+ Various mechanical measuring equipment & specific gauges
Visual Inspections - Color Difference Measurements
Flexural Strenght / Pull / Impact Testing
Crack Detection Testing
Leakage Testing
Hardness Testing
Surface Roughness Test
Material Humidity Testing

Our Policies


DEBAK Inc. , aims to response the customer requirements on time & in full knowing that customer satisfaction is the key indicator of improvement.

DEBAK Inc., values performance in its activities and follow up continuous improvements.

DEBAK Inc., believe in attendance of employees for excellence of production. Respects the manner "first train, then authorize, finally congratulate the success".

DEBAK Inc., efforts for their participation of its suppliers, considering that they are part of the quality system.

DEBAK Inc., continuously follows new technologies in order to stay ready for needs of future.

DEBAK Inc., cares for environment in all processes.


Our environmental policy is;
To determine environmental aspects of our activities and their influence to associated environment.

To take necessary measures for determined environmental effects and to achieve measurable improvements.

To minimize pollution and waste, to restrict the hazardous wastes and to dispose the non hazardous wastes by recycling.

To avoid soil, air and water pollution, to preserve natural life, to use the natural resources such as water and energy efficiently.

To continously train our employees and suppliers on environmental aspects, waste management, efficient use of energy and to achieve environmental awareness.

To count the participation of our employees in the system by their proposals and ideas.

To continously monitor and review the environmental plans and goals to achieve an improvement.

To comply the legal requirements and to improve the environmental performance.


Our occupational safety policy is;
To provide secure working conditions in order to avoid occupational accidents and diseases.

To ensure the participation of our suppliers' to our occupational safety activities.

To be aware that the safety of our visitors are under our responsibility.

To comply the legal requirements and to improve our occupational safety performance continously.

To maintain the defined activities wt. our employees and associated parties under coordination of Occupational Safety Committee.

To count the participation of our employees in the system by their proposals and ideas.

To continously monitor and review the secure work conditions to achieve sustainability.

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